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Synthescape Art Imaging 
Portfolio Website (2017)

Synthescape Art Imaging is a world leader in high-resolution photo-imaging of 3D artworks, artefacts, and installation. It serves museums and cultural institutions to create interactive art experiences for delivery on mobile devices, computers, and kiosks.


In 2017, I designed their portfolio website, marketing materials and managed their social media content.

Social Media

It is a company portfolio website, in addition to a platform that presents high-resolution 3D artworks to the public.

I designed the sitemap to be as simplistic as possible to ensure that previous/potential clients and culture lovers of all ages can easily find information that they are interested in.


Synthescape focuses on two major services: museum virtual tours and 3D individual artworks. While designing the website, I organized the content into two categories: Projects and Artworks.

UX Design

To promote the company’s outstanding photography and digitalization techniques, I left a large amount of blank space that was to be utilized for presenting high-quality photos/graphics. 

To create a flawless user experience and allow users to enjoy full-screen images, I put the art description in a container that could be collapsed by the user.  

UI Design

This artistic and graphic-heavy website required high-quality graphic design. 

I used Synthescape’s white & blue branding colours as the theme colours. 

To ensure that the highlight was the images, I used white colour as the background. I tried not to touch the artworks’ photos too much but paid more attention to the typography design to make the layout visually dynamic.

I paid more attention to the typography instead of the artwork images to make the layout visually dynamic and ensure that the website's highlight was the artwork itself.

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