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Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibition 
Kiosk Design, Museum of FIT (2016)

Fairy Tale Fashion was a unique and imaginative exhibition at the Museum at FIT, which featured more than 80 objects placed within dramatic, fantasy-like settings -- garments and accessories dating from the 18th century to the present emphasis placed on extraordinary 21st-century fashions. 

In the exhibition venue, we created a virtual exhibition kiosk, so people can examine high-resolution 360º images of spectacular garments and accessories produced by some of the leading fashion designers of our time.

UI Design

This client had high standards for visual design requirement. Because of the copyright, I was only allowed to use limited design materials provided by the museum, which were a few animal and plant silhouette illustrations.


Based on the branding colours present at the Museum at FIT and Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition, I picked one of the masterpieces - The Comme des Garçons Spring 2015 (Little Red Riding Hood) as the key element to designing the landing page.


I referred to the Little Red Riding Hood story as the design concept and tried to illustrate the classic fairy tale through the landing page. I blended my imagination with the illustration material provided by our client to simulate a “forest.” I also added a wolf in the bush to enrich the visual story.


Our client was delighted with this design. They presented the virtual tour on the kiosks in the exhibition and the Museum at FIT’s official website.


It attracted a large number of visitors and brought major potential business opportunities to my company.

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