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Dairy Farmers of Canada
Recipe Optimization (2021)

In 2021, our client Dairy Farmers of Canada decided to integrate the dairy educational content into their existing recipe pages to increase awareness about the Canadian dairy industry.

My responsibilities were to provide UX recommendations that help users learn about Canadian dairy while browsing recipes without feeling be interrupted by the new content/components.

I was also required to provided UX solutions to improve the newsletter opt-in rate on the recipe pages.

Methodology (1/3): Find the right spots!


I collaborated with our data scientist to analyse the current recipe page stats and determine the right positions for the new message component and newsletter opt-in CTA.

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IKEA Family (2019)

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DFC Recipe Opimization_V1.009.jpeg

Methodology (2/3): What does the design look like?

I did a best-in-class study to learn how other brands present their pillar messages and newsletter opt-in components on the product pages.

Based on the research and my knowledge, I provided design recommendations for the components.

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What I did (3/3): How do we measure if it's a good solution?

I made a plan about integrating the new components to the 10 most popular recipes and tracked related KPIs for one month.

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