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Dairy Farmers of Canada – Consumer Hub (2019)

UI Design

In 2019, DFC asked us to build a new Dairy Consumer Hub in its existing site to target dairy consumers.


The hub's purpose is to educate the public about Canadian dairy products and the industry. It also provides 4,000+ dairy recipes to help Canadians enjoy local dairy products. The hub encourages people to choose Canadian dairy instead of imported dairy.

What I did:

UX: Studied the existing ecosystem (Industry Hub and Teach Nutrition Hub) and created the information architecture, sitemap, wireframes and a sustainable component library to the DFC Consumer Hub.


UI: Collaborated with the Creative Director to create a new UI system for the Consumer Hub. I also created 100+ illustrations for the dairy product pages.


The new hub has attracted considerable traffic. The client was satisfied with our services and provided us with the opportunity to develop the new Dairy Nutrition Hub.

UI/UX Design Samples
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